Sizing and Sorting

All almonds that come to Valley Harvest Nut are sized and sorted. After we receive almonds from our growers, the first step in processing is to run them through our sizing machine. This will be the first step in removing foreign material such as sticks, rocks, hulls and other inedible items that may come from the orchard. The sizing machine also sorts almonds through screens that are used to determine the sizes of the almonds. Almonds are further processed based on their size.

After sizing, the almonds are further sorted through an electronic sorting machine. This machine uses colored lights and air ejectors to look at the product and remove more foreign material and inedible almonds.

The last sorting step is done by hand. Employees sort all of our almonds as a final step before packing or processing. Here we do our best to remove any remaining foreign material and inedible almonds. We are committed to food safety and quality and our products show it.