Our Company


Our Company

Valley Harvest Nut Company’s primary goal is to produce quality almond products that are processed under safe and sanitary conditions and procedures. Our commitment begins, by insuring through all means within our control, that product arriving to our facility is safe and sanitary and continues through processing and shipping our finished product. We are committed to establish and review food safety and quality objectives in order to continually improve our company and products. We are proud of our product and the people that produce it.


Valley Harvest Nut Company offers a large selection of almond products to suit a wide range of applications, from snack foods to confectionary. We also provide custom processing for conventional and organic growers and we are Kosher certified.

Sales and Marketing

Valley Harvest Nut Company proudly provides premium almond products to small and large American companies as well as companies abroad.

Historical Sketch

Valley Harvest Nut Company is an almond handler-processor that began business in 1994, in Turlock, CA, taking over a previously established almond business. Bob and Toni Conway were the sole founders and officers of the company. In 1999, the Conway’s moved the business from Turlock to their home-farm location in Modesto, CA, with a 10,520 square foot almond processing plant and a 16,000 square foot storage facility. The facility was processing approximately 500,000 pounds per year. That quickly changed.

Valley Harvest Nut Company now markets four to five million pounds of almonds each year on domestic and export markets. Valley Harvest Nut is a grower-based business, purchasing almonds on a pool basis from many area almond growers. The plant operation includes manufacturing equipment and markets blanched and natural almond slices, slivers, diced, splits, flakes and meal. Valley Harvest Nut is one of the few handlers to market creamy and crunchy almond butter. In addition, Valley Harvest Nut offers roasted almonds and several different flavored almonds. The plant also offers custom manufacturing for other almond handlers in the area. Valley Harvest Nut is a certified organic processing facility and is Kosher certified.

Bob and Toni Conway are long time almond growers and currently farm 225 acres of almonds, peaches and cherries. Toni’s parents built the first large almond hulling business in the community in 1964, and Bob was the main operator. Bob also owned and operated a very busy ag spraying business for many years. In 2006, Bob and Toni Conway were chosen to be Agribusiness Man and Woman of the Year by the local Chamber of Commerce, a highly coveted award.

Presently, the Conway’s son-in-law and daughter, Joe and Janine Runnels, are taking the reins from Bob and Toni. Joe is Vice President of Operations and Facilities and Janine is Office Manager and Sales Lead. The Conway’s son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Laurie Conway, have recently come on board as a maintenance foreman and a truck driver. Rob, the Conway’s eldest son, manages the family orchards, in addition to running his own ag services company. The involvement of all the Conway children makes this almond farming operation a third generation family run business.

We are committed to food safety, quality and continuous improvement.