Roasted Almonds

The Dry Roasted Almond can be eaten as is or flavored. They are delicious when embedded or enrobed with chocolate. Input for processing.

dry roasted whole
Whole Almonds
Packaged in: 25 lb. box


dry roasted diced
Diced Almonds make a tasty topping for ice cream, yogurt and baked goods. They work well in stuffing and coatings. They are often used as a coating for ice cream bars. Diced almonds can be used in fillings for bakery and confectionery items. They also make for a crunchy crust for meats and seafood.
Diced almonds are available in Small 14/8, Medium 22/8, and Large 30/8 cuts.
Certain custom cuts can be made with VHN approval.
Packaged in: 25 lb. box


roasted almond meal
Almond Meal can be used as a sauce thickener. It is perfect for making almond butter or marzipan. It makes a great ingredient and filling for confectionery items. It can also be used to enhance the flavor of bakery goods. It is a healthy alternative for coating fried foods. Almond Meals are gluten free and can be substituted for flours containing gluten.
Packaged in: 25 lb. box